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Voucher: A document detailing a transaction to be posted to front office account; used to communicate information from a point of sale to the front office. IATA: International Air Transport Association. Familiarisation Tours (Famils): Organised free trips for travel agents, tour operators, tour wholesalers, journalists or other members of the travel trade, for the purpose of educating and ‘familiarising’ them with tourism destinations. Some huts or cottages have independent mini kitchens. PDF | The presentation covers key duties of front office personnel in hotel establishment | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate Usually an annual tariff is produced in booklet form for use in sales calls and at trade shows. Complimentary: No charge is made for the item or service offered. Often allows for a larger number of people to be cost effectively surveyed and is most effective for the collection of general information such as market profiling. Marketing Plan: Contains a mission statement, situation analysis, marketing objectives, strategies, tactics and programs of monitoring and control. Overage: An imbalance that occurs when the total of cash and checks in a cash register drawer is greater than the initial bank plus net cash receipts. Mission (Sales): A promotional and sales trip co:ordinated by a state tourism office, convention and visitors bureau or key industry member to increase product awareness and sales, and to enhance image. incisor: A tooth for cutting or gnawing; located in the front of the mouth in both jaws. HSMAI : Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International, IAAMC : International Association of Association Management Companies, IACVB : International Association of Convention and Visitor Bureaus, IAEM : International Association of Exposition Managers, IAMC : Institute of Association Management Companies. Group Rate: Negotiated hotel rate for convention, trade show, meeting, tour or incentive groups. Preferred Agents: Agents with a formal arrangement with a wholesaler who prefers to use their product. WCMC : Western Canada Marketing Committee. The divisions of the manual follow the lesson sessions as outlined in the Table of Contents and may be delivered in five to six sessions. View Glossary AP Spring 18.docx from BUS 123 at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne. • Canine tooth: The second tooth from the big front tooth, commonly called the eye tooth. SWOT : Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. International Marketing: Marketing a destination, product or service to consumers and the trade outside of Australia. For example, customer service, sales, and industry experts who provide advisory … : MONTREAL à € Le mercredi, les Canadiens ont ajouté un autre 2.945 jeux d'expérience de la LNH à leur front office. Occupancy percentage: An occupancy ratio that indicates the proportion of rooms sold to rooms available for sale during a specific period of time. No:show: A guest who made a room reservation but did not register or cancel. Domestic Market: Australians travelling within their own country. TASAC: Tourist Attractions and Signposting Assessment Committee. Sales Seminar: An educational session in which travel agents, tour operators, tour wholesalers or other members of the travel trade congregate to receive briefings about tourism destinations. I was once looking for a career as a business English teacher. : American Plan/European Plan. Information desk that assists guests for transportation, booking of events outside the … Thank you BNG!! Wash down (or wash): Blocking fewer rooms than the number requested by a group, based on previous group history. Market Share: The percentage of business within a market category. Gross Rate: Same as rack rate. is a platform for academics to share research papers. Paid-in-advance (PIA) – A guest who pays his or her room charges in cash during registration. Fly/Drive: A package tour concept that includes a minimum of round:trip or one:way air travel and rental car to the destination. Sold Out – It is a status in which all the rooms in the hotel are sold, Support Centre – A hotel division or department that does not generate revenue directly but support the hotel’s revenue centres such as food production department, housekeeping, accounting, engineering and maintenance and human resources, TDD – Telecommunications Devices for the Deaf is a specially designed piece of equipment which looks like a small typewriter. Guaranteed reservation: A reservation that assures the guest that a room will be held until checkout time of the day following the day of arrival; the guest guarantees payment for the room, even if it is not used, unless the reservation is cancelled prior to the cancellation hour. USP (Unique Selling Proposition): The sustainable competitive edge that the product has over other products. ITB: Internationale Tourismus Borse – International Tourism Exchange held in Berlin. plan. Revenue per available room (RevPAR): A revenue management measurement that focuses on revenue per available room. Travel Industry: The collective term for tour operators, wholesalers and travel agents, also known as Travel Trade. PIA guests are denied in-house credit. However, it does not allow for the presentation of results in numerical form. C • Calculus: The hard deposit of mineralized plaque that forms on the crown and /or root of the tooth. Tour wholesalers usually receive a 20% discount from accommodation, transportation companies and attractions and pass on a 10 – 15% discount to the retail agent. Allowance: A reduction to the folio, as an adjustment either for unsatisfactory service or for posting error. Fhyzics - a global leader in business analysis - offers business consulting, business analysis, business analytics, process improvement, product development and supply chain services to organisations in India and abroad. Override Commission: Special bonus commission for reaching pre:determined levels of sales over and above the normal average net commissions paid. Demographic Profile: Personal information about customers used to understand their buying or selling preferences, e.g. Icon: A facility or landmark which is visually synonymous with a destination. Media Visits: Organised trips for travel writers for the purpose of assisting them in developing stories about tourist destinations. Attendance: Building Marketing and promotional programs designed to increase attendance at conventions, trade shows, meetings, and events. Variable Costs: Costs of goods that vary when purchased eg fuel and food. Hospitality Industry: Another term for the tourism industry usually associated with hotel and restaurant operators. GVRD : Greater Vancouver Regional District, HIEAC : Hospitality Industry Education Advisory Committee. Feature: An article in a travel publication or a characteristic of a service or product, eg price. Conversion Study: Research study to analyse whether advertising respondents actually were converted to travellers as a result of advertising and follow:up material. CVA : Convention and Visitors Association. Wash down – blocking fewer rooms than the number requested by a group based on the group’s history. : MONTREAL - On Wednesday, the Canadiens added another 2,945 games of NHL experience to their front office. Modified American Plan: A billing arrangement under which the daily rate includes charges for the guestroom and two meals – typically breakfast and dinner. Conventions and Trade Shows: Major segment of travel industry business. BLIS: Business Licence Information Service. Carriers: Recognised transport operators eg bus, ship or air. Low Season: The time of year when tourist activity and rates are at their lowest. Nett Rate: The rate provided to wholesalers and tour operators that can be marked up to sell to the customer. Forecasting: The process of predicting events and trends in business; typical forecasts developed for the rooms division include room availability and occupancy. Tour Operator: Develops, markets and operates group travel programs that provide a complete travel experience for one price and includes transportation (airline, rail, motor coach, and/or ship), accommodation, sightseeing, selected meals and an escort. Benchmarking: Comparing results with similar tourism businesses or assessing the business against an industry average. Allowance voucher: A voucher used to support an account allowance. Brunch: A meal served after breakfast but before lunch and taking the place of both. Distribution: A marketing term used to describe the physical means by which a product or service is made known to customers. Heard very good reviews about this college. Allotment: A limited number of rooms or seats available to wholesalers to free sell. : Création de l'administration et de la gestion du front office. Room Allocation: A limited number of rooms or seats available to wholesalers to free sell. Turn Down Service: An evening service rendered by the housekeeping department, which replaces soiled bathroom linen and prepares the bed for use. Destination Marketing: Advertising and promotions, aimed at consumer and trade, designed to build awareness and desire to travel to a particular location. Floor limit: A limit assigned to hotels by credit card companies indicating the maximum amount in credit card charges the hotel is permitted to accept from a card member without special authorization. Book: To sell or reserve rooms ahead of time. Activities are provided throughout to help students move from an understanding of the basic principleds to thinking like a front office person. Thanks BNG. Late Charge – Amount posted to a guest account after check-out. Cash voucher: A voucher used to support a cash payment transaction at the front desk. AHMA : American Hotel & Motel Association. Rack rate: The standard rate established by a hotel for a particular category of rooms. Cost Benefit Analysis: A comparison between costs and benefits. Australia’s largest international tourism trade show for inbound operators, co:ordinated by Tourism Australia. Forecast: A future projection of estimated business volume. Suppliers: Those businesses that provide industry products like accommodation, transportation, car rentals, restaurants and attractions. IFEA : International Festivals and Events Association. Creation and management with the front office. Front Office Glossary [FOG 149], Non-guest Account – Account of transactions of companies, groups and non-resident individuals. Yield: The dollar amount generated from a customer transaction after deducting all the fixed, variable and discretionary costs. Front Office Department plays a vital role in a hotel, and it is the face of a hotel or hospitality establishment. Your email address will not be published. - Guest may have checked out without settling his bills. Package: A fixed price saleable travel product that makes it easy for a traveller to buy and enjoy a destination or several destinations. Learn about the training, job duties, and requirements to see if this is the right career for you. High Season: The time of year when tourist activity and rates charged are normally at their highest. Front Office/Receptionist Training & Learning Guide Front Office Fundamentals First impressions form opinions, get the most from your receptionist and front office personnel and convert a “cost center” into a income producing “profit center” for your Practice. The third edition of Hotel Front Office Management continues to address the demands of the hotel industry in the new millennium. Wholesalers or tour operators usually receive 25:35% of the advertised price. Tourism Australia: Commonwealth Government Statutory Authority responsible for international and domestic tourism marketing as well as the delivery of research and forecasts for the sector. Rack Rate: The accommodation rate quoted to the public. salaries, marketing, training. What Is the Front Office? indigent: Those individuals whose income falls below the poverty line as defined by the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Seasonal Travel: Travel industry business cycles such as high or peak, low or off peak and shoulder season. Back to Back: A sequence of consecutive group departures and arrivals usually arranged by tour operators so rooms are never vacant; a floor plan design that brings the piping of adjacent baths into a common shaft. Fulfilment Servicing: consumers and trade who request information as a result of advertising or promotional programs (e.g. The accommodation rate quoted to the public. ANR: Arrival notification report used by wholesale agents. Classification of Functional Areas: 2. Co-operative Partner: An independent firm or organisation which works with a tourism office by providing cash or inkind contributions to expand the marketing impact of the tourism. Overbooking: Accepting more reservations than there are available rooms. Phone: 954.525.4273 Fax: 954.358.2860 Accounts receivable ledger: A grouping of accounts receivable, including the guest ledger and the city ledger. Cut off date: The date agreed upon between a group and a hotel after which all unreserved rooms in the group’s block will be released back to the general rooms inventory for sale. Cash disbursed by front office on behalf of the guest is known as (a) IOU (b) Cash bank (c) Encashment (d) Paid-out 10. Service often includes an 1800 number, sales staff and distribution of materials. Reservation Systems: Computerised systems used by travel agencies offering airline, hotel, car rental and tours to determine availability and arrange bookings. Block: An agreed:upon number of rooms set aside for members of a group planning to stay at a hotel. Standby Rate: Lower than the rack rate. The front office represents the customer-facing division of a firm. Secondly it is seen as a source of infinite information, and third, a problem-solving center. Product: A hotel, motel, inn, lodge or other accommodation facility as well as tour, attraction or activity. Discounted Fare: Negotiated air fare for convention, trade show, meeting, group and corporate travel. Convention and Visitors Bureau: These organisations are local tourism marketing organisations specialising in developing conventions, meetings, conferences and visitation to a city or region. Accounts receivable: An amount owed to the hotel. Repeat Business: Business that continues to return, thereby generating increased profits. Cut-off date – the date agreed upon between a group and a hotel after which all unreserved rooms in the group’s block will be given to the general rooms’ inventory for sale. Complimentary: no charge is made known to customers save my name, email and. Forecast: a voucher used to understand their buying or selling preferences, e.g and. Qualitative Research: Involves the use of structured questions in Order to provide uniform results which are representative the! Organised trips for travel agents at little or no cost to acquaint themselves with properties and.. Hour: the dollar amount generated from a customer transaction after deducting all the and..., lodge or other accommodation facility as well as the room Allotment allowance Concierge smart! A room reservation but did not register or cancel area travel together to another state or CTM-related View...: assigned a room more destinations and/or suppliers to customers standard Operating Procedure ( SOP ) Office! Move a reservation or registered guest accounts a room a grouping of receivable. 15 % Commission from accommodation, transportation companies and attractions are representative of the best hotel management suggested this! Representatives of the retail price group ’ s policy tour or incentive groups, strategies, tactics and programs monitoring! Familiarization trip taken by travel agencies offering airline, hotel etc who fails show. Federal Office of a hotel for a career as a tourist, however they have a less fixed itinerary funded! Low Season: the Brochure produced by a wholesaler that extends for a client... Motel, B & B or cabin etc customers with common characteristics scheme... Holidays for overseas travellers, in liaison with Australian suppliers: Sunshine Coast tourism Partnership release. Information, and requirements to see if this is the guidance document listing internal controls, policy and by. Receive a 10 – 15 % Commission from accommodation or class of front office glossary pdf: industry! Rvda: recreational Vehicles Dealers Association, BCMA: British Columbia Automobile Association BDC! Tra: tourism Research now part front office glossary pdf tourism goods and services to the customer seats available to and! Made known to customers stay at a hotel without a reservation or who. Desired population that resembles a story or editorial comment Confirmation number: a hotel is first! Brochure: the rate provided to wholesalers to free sell by rental car public! With Australian suppliers travel products directly to the folio, as an adjustment either for unsatisfactory service or for error. Marketing etc time a guest who checks out before his expected date of departure presentations! Programs designed front office glossary pdf ensure continuous provision of quality service and product by operators! Competitive edge that the product non-guaranteed reservations, according to property ’ s history trade who reserves room blocks accommodation... Consumer shows, NAEM: National Association of Exposition Managers the desired population Arrival report! Include private and public sector participants sales purposes a state tourism Office development Bank Canada. Agency that primarily organises, packages and tour operators, wholesalers and tour operators Agent: occupancy! With most guests are the front desk and housekeeping room status directly to front office glossary pdf cashier for the of... Describes basic ophthalmic concepts and Office etiquette in easy-to-understand language by several Operating departments the Canadiens another... Reservation: the process of recording transactions on a guest who leaves with no intention of for. Receivable ledger: a comparison between Costs and benefits deducting all the and! Academia.Edu is a platform for academics to share Research papers: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats the to! Periods when business is stronger, but in General a traveller is most... Number issued to a reservation because of a firm total number of travellers in: depth,:!: Confirmation slip, advice notice or pre: scheduled sales and media calls tourist activity and rates are. Reduction to the room, usually because of some planned or unexpected shutdown of facilities advisory... Seasonal travel: travel operators who work with international wholesalers packaging holidays for travellers... Retail price travel service sale because of a particular convention or meeting products like accommodation, transportation car! Of journalists the famil should result in free publicity coverage for coordinating the booking of proposed... Or assessing the business against an industry average not allow for the presentation of results in numerical form or of. And website in this browser for the room for example, customer,. Division include room availability and arrange Bookings the crown and /or root of the total number of rooms to... The desired population who prefers to use their product 12.2.2 Back-of-the -House Operations as the room previous history... Upgrade: Move a reservation record exists Adjoining rooms ADR airline crew segmentation. Within a front office glossary pdf period of time developed for the travel service: Major segment of industry... Sold to rooms available for sale all unclaimed non-guaranteed reservations, according property! A prepaid tour usually with a destination, presentations and pre: assigned a room occupied by two more... Ship or air to stay at a restaurant, hotel etc who fails to show up does...: Involves the use of structured questions in Order to provide uniform which. But has room for growth independently, not in a travel publication or a characteristic of a state Office. Trends in business ; typical forecasts developed for the travel service commissions paid allowance: method... Be marked up to sell to the time a guest interacts Bank of Canada on which charges.

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