4 Romantic Ways to Make the Most of Valentine’s Day

Make this Valentine's Day special with 4 brilliant ideas


This 14th February make an unforgettable memory with the one you love. Show your partner how much you care with small thoughtful gestures throughout the day. With V-Day just around the corner, we reckon you want the most romantic ideas to sweep your loved one off her feet. If you are on the hunt, here’s what we propose. Instead of celebrating a few hours only, make this holiday a day to shower each other with love and affection. Try some of our personal favorite ways to make the most of this day by trying the following ideas:



Did you know 55% of Americans bought candy last year on V-Day? While 46% bought greeting cards, 36% flowers, 35% choose an evening out, 19% jewelry, 17% clothing and 15% gift cards. Whether you prefer one of the traditional gifts or to take the DIY route needless to say you want it to stand out. Make sure you get something they need or something they will absolutely adore receiving. Buying in advance will save you the trouble of overspending since prices rise during V-Day.


Breakfast in Bed

Nothing says you love someone quite like an adorable gesture paired with an unforgettable experience. Set the tone right at the start of the day by preparing a delicious breakfast in bed. Be sure to plate aphrodisiac foods that will get your partner’s blood flowing and put their libido in over-drive. Load it with avocados, chocolates, pancakes, French toasts, strawberries, scrambled eggs, etc. Bonus points for any food you can cut out into a heart shape. This loving display of affection will put a smile on her face and take her by surprise. This is also a great time to let your partner know about the rest of the activities you have planned for the day so she can prepare and dress accordingly.


Fill a Jar with Date-Night Ideas

If you have been on numerous dates at this point and would prefer breaking the monotonous dinner and wine routine for something more adventurous and creative, but are not sure how your lady will respond, get a jar fill it with adorable little notes full of future date-night ideas. Tie it with a bow and present it to your sweetheart. Be sure to write down creative and super fun ideas you both will enjoy. Then, later on, you can draw an idea from the jar one at a time and do whatever it says that night.


Express Yourself

More than any present in the world she will be grateful for your genuine appreciation and affection for her. If you are feeling a little run down due to a busy schedule at work, try Herbion Virility Formula. This mood booster is formulated with Asparagus, Elephant Vine, Heart Leaf Sida, Hygrophila, Myristica Fragrans, Sarivan, Salep, Velvet Bean and Tribulus. This natural supplement stimulates libido, elevates energy and stamina for improved pleasure. It further increases fertility and vitality in men.

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