5 Hangover Cures for the Holiday Season Backed by Science

After the absolute mind-boggling year, we have had collectively as humanity, every one of us is ready to dance, let loose and enjoy the holiday season 2020. While Christmas house and office parties may be out of the question, there is still plenty of reason to celebrate and enjoy life. If you decide to drink this holiday season, you will need to learn tips and tricks to get you through nausea, anxiety, and pounding headaches that are often experienced the next morning. 

If you are looking for ways to avoid the dreaded misery of a hangover, this is the place to be. While the internet is flooded with hangover tips, to ensure we save you time, curb annoyance, and give fast results, we have assembled a list of hangover cures backed by science for every symptom you might face the morning after. 

How to Cure a Hangover? 

Before we begin, keep in mind there is no instant cure, apart from staying sober. Nonetheless, there is plenty you can do to ensure speedy sobriety. Here is a list of cures for a hangover you can try right now. 

How to Get Rid of a Hangover Fast at Home? 

The best cure for a hangover is hands down, getting good sleep. Lack of sleep can aggravate symptoms, maximize the feeling of dizziness, fatigue, headache, and make you grumpy. So, if you have a day off, take advantage and sleep in. Similarly, you should aim at getting plenty of sleep prior to drinking. Sleep helps bolster good immunity and strength, that aids in processing all the alcohol you will be consuming. 

Eat the Best Foods for a Hangover 

You are probably familiar with the feeling of starving after a night of drinking. This is because alcohol can take a toll on your blood sugar levels. To restore lost minerals and vitamins, we recommend eating a meal packed with complex carbohydrates. Foods with high carbs include beans, legumes, whole grains, peas, and veggies. Carbohydrates are converted by the body into glucose to provide much-needed energy. Consume meals with lean protein. Protein high foods include chicken, dairy, fish, meat, eggs, nuts, seeds, beans, and soy foods.  

Furthermore, during a hangover, you should also eat plenty of healthy fats such as whole eggs, fatty fish, cheese, avocados, chia seeds, extra virgin olive oil, and dark chocolate. Since the body is inflamed after drinking, most individuals suffer from visible puffiness. To bring it under control, one of the best things you can consume is Salmon. This delicious omega-3 fatty-fish is loaded with anti-oxidant attributes, which are excellent for reducing inflammation. 

Try to eat home-cooked meals that are low in saturated fat and grease. Greasy meals, such as deep-fried chicken, French fries, and chicken wings, can exacerbate hangover symptoms sending you back into a spiral of headache and dizziness.  

Furthermore, after a night of heavy drinking, the last thing you need is to overpower your body to digest meals. Combat this by aiding digestion with a freshly brewed cup of delicious and healthy Ginger Tea. Additionally, this tea is also excellent for relieving nausea, which is often experienced with a hangover. 

How to Rehydrate After Hangover? 

Since alcohol works as a diuretic and makes you urinate frequently, it can lead to dehydration and electrolyte loss. Alcohol-induced dehydration can also lead to dizziness and headaches. To prevent this from happening, sneak in a few glasses of water while drinking alcohol. However, if you cannot do this, we recommend going ham on water the next day. 

In case you do not like plain water, you can also have coconut water. The benefits of coconut water for hangover include replenishing electrolytes. Though some people turn to sports drinks for electrolytes, these are, for the most part, loaded with sugar, artificial food dyes, and flavors, which do you no good. On the other hand, coconut water is tasty, all-natural, a rich potassium source and is, therefore, ideal for curing a hangover. 

Is Watermelon Good for Hangover? 

The body feels dehydrated, and your liver takes the hit after a night of heavy drinking. Therefore, the body craves liquids the next day. We suggest you stock up on water-rich fruits and vegetables beforehand. Watermelon, strawberries, cucumbers, and zucchini are wonderful options to keep at hand. Watermelon is the top contender as it contains 92% water and is loaded with amino acids, which are excellent for breaking down alcohol in the liver and recovering faster from a hangover. 

Benefits of Banana Milk Shake for Hangover  

Surviving the holiday season booze fest has never been easier. Whip up a quick batch of banana milkshake and chug it to get one step closer to feeling better. In a blender, add two bananas, one tablespoon honey, and a glass of milk. Invest in a good pair of noise-canceling earplugs beforehand, throw them on while blending the shake and enjoy. Without the earplugs, you might risk the chances of worsening your headache. The good thing about this smoothie is that it is easy to whip up, and every ingredient works to cure your hangover. 

After a night of drinking, the body feels intoxicated. Alcohol blocks the production of hormones that are essential for holding water. For this reason, the body feels dehydrated, leading to a loss of sodium and potassium, essential electrolytes. To combat this, bananas make for the perfect snack that provides just the right energy and fullness. A rich potassium and magnesium source; this delicious fruit is easy to digest and does not cause any stomach discomfort. 

Milk helps soothe the stomach, while honey elevates blood sugar levels, thereby giving you energy. The added benefit is honey is rich in fructose, which helps the body metabolize alcohol faster. 


The best way to prevent a hangover is to drink alcohol in moderation or to avoid it altogether. Though there is no magical solution to cure your hangover in one go, a combination of foods and drinks mentioned above can get you one step closer to feeling better again.

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