6 Reasons to go RVing this Valentine’s Day

If you love grand gestures on Valentine’s Day, we have just what you need to stir up magic on this romantic occasion. While we do not recommend going to local hotels, booking foreign resorts, or getting on a plane, nonetheless Valentine’s Day weekend is the perfect opportunity to take your boo for a quick getaway. Though there is not much you can do outdoors at the moment; there is plenty you can do driving around town in an RV. You heard us; the time is right to head out for an RV trip. 

Reasons to RV on Valentine’s Day

Still on the fence? By the time you’re done reading, we guarantee you will be picking staycation destinations and booking a rental RV. Below are six reasons you won’t be saying no to RVing with your bae this Valentine’s Day. 

Once in a Lifetime

On the one hand, while shiny diamond earrings, gold bracelets, and designer bags all come with a hefty price tag, let’s face it, for the most part, they sit on a shelf in the closet collecting dust. On the other hand, going to a restaurant on V-day means making reservations months in advance, slipping the Maitre’D extra bills, and standing in long queues of couples waiting for a table. However, if you are looking for a unique treat to spoil your better half, a private trip in an RV just might be it.

Since traveling is a bit risky during the pandemic, the next best thing is going for a staycation. Here’s the best part, RVing is as private as it gets, just you and your boo exploring together with no crowds, flight attendants, or hour-long baggage lines at the airport. It just doesn’t get better than that, now does it? Furthermore, a staycation is an excellent way to spend time with your partner in seclusion. Driving away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city, loud traffic noises, and rowdy neighbors can help you reconnect and rekindle the romance. You can travel within the city, drive to cities nearby, or ride cross country to locations farther away.

The World is Your Oyster

Amidst COVID’19, your best bet is to avoid public places as much as possible. Staying safe and healthy should be your no.1 priority. Therefore, a staycation in an RV sounds like a good investment. It is similar to camping but a little safer and more glamorous. While some individuals enjoy the dirt, cooking on an open flame, and sleeping in tents, it is not everybody’s first choice. If your boo prefers to travel in style, an RV is the way to go.

Traveling in an RV combines the best of both worlds. It allows access to a comfortable mattress, stove, and a personal restroom that can be used any time of the day without the fear of your privacy being invaded by skunks. Furthermore, renting an RV puts you in charge as the captain of your tour. So, you get to decide where you go and how long you stay. Additionally, if at any time you want to take a detour, you can.

Digital Detoxing

One of the many benefits of a staycation is you get to decide if you want to stay connected to the outside world or not. With news channels continuously bombarding about the increasing COVID cases, rising death toll, and economic crisis, anyone can feel stressed, anxious and depressed. While we do not recommend staying blissfully ignorant, overexposure to the news can make even the best of us feel gloomy.

RVing is a great way to get away from daily life stressors. Unless you choose to stay connected to the outside world, this can be an excellent opportunity to detox, unplug and step away from social media, news, and even some toxic friends and family members. Make the most of your trip by spending quality time with your partner, making them feel loved and appreciated.

Plenty of Beautiful Places to Visit

Staycation in an RV is not an excuse to stay indoors. On the contrary, one of the perks of an RV is enjoying the outdoors to your heart’s content. Therefore, we recommend scheduling stops at the beach or a hill around sunset and sunrise. If the weather agrees, make the most of the scenic views by packing a picnic basket complete with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries. Set the mood with battery operated fairy lights, scented candles, warm blankets, and soft romantic music for a memorable Valentine’s Day.

Keep the Romance Alive

RVing in seclusion is a thrilling experience in itself and doing so on V-day is a cherry on top as it sets the mood for a memorable rendezvous with your boo. Turn up the heat by reigniting passion and desire with aphrodisiac foods and Herbion Virility Formula. Our one-of-a-kind testosterone supplement with Ashwagandha, Tribulus terrestris, Elephant vine, and Velvet bean elevates prostate health, wellness, and overall male health for better strength, stamina, and agility.

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Connect with Nature

Furthermore, if you and your partner have an adventurous streak, a staycation can be a fantastic way of reconnecting with nature. There are tons of activities you can do for free, such as going for a hike, bike riding, jogging, swimming, or taking brisk walks at the beach. Moreover, driving to rural cities with fewer populations and low noise pollution is excellent for de-stressing and relaxing.

It is safe to say; the past year has taken a toll on most people’s mental health. A romantic getaway is perfect for de-stressing, promoting positivity, and improving your mental health. The fresh urban air, void of excess pollution found in contrast to big cities, and the slow-paced lives can help you regain center and feel at ease. For optimal relaxation, plan fun activities with your partner, such as couples’ yoga, playing board games, and meditating.


Any day spent celebrating love is a day well spent. Make the most of Valentine’s Day 2021 by taking advantage of the weekend and driving into the sunset for a romantic getaway. RVing ensures your trip is tailor-made right down to the very last stop you make. However, if you are getting a rental, make sure to sanitize the entire RV before taking it for a spin and carry a hand sanitizer at all times to use when outdoors. Above all, enjoy yourself and have fun.

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