3 Delicious Foods to Lower Stress and Anxiety

It is no surprise; stress is a silent killer as it can have a massive impact on health, especially the heart. Stress can alter your appearance, affect both platonic and non-platonic relationships and overall diminish your quality of life. Did you know men tend to suffer from stress more than women? Unfortunately, men are more susceptible to being diagnosed with heart disease, heart attack, type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure due to stress than women.


Living in a high-stress environment can contribute to anxiety and even lead to depression. Moreover, it can cause men to eat their feelings. This can result in binge eating tubs of ice cream, burgers and snacking on unhealthy snacks, thereby gaining calories. Loading on fatty foods and packing pounds along your midsection can escalate visceral fat which can hamper fertility and lead to impotence in men.


On the opposite spectrum of things, stress can also lead to a lack of sleep and skipping meals. This can result in malnutrition and diminish the production of testosterone, which is the vital male hormone.


Foods That Reduce Stress and Anxiety


It is monumental to avoid things that cause stress and regain your inner peace no matter the situation. The best way to lower stress is by making healthy lifestyle choices. Below is a list of delicious and healthy foods to relieve stress, which you can incorporate into your diet.


High-Fiber Diet Benefits


According to a review published in the Journal Nutritional Neuroscience, fiber-rich diet can help lower depression, stress and anxiety. High-fiber foods list includes green vegetables, such as broccoli and kale, flaxseed, beans, peas and pistachios. Berries, particularly blueberries, are wonderful for adding to your plate. This superfood is packed with phytonutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that work as a natural stress reliever.


Almonds are also great options to consider as they are packed with healthy fats, iron and zinc, essential for maintaining a balanced mood. Lack of iron in the body can plummet energy levels, aggravate anxiety and cause brain fatigue.


Whole-grain foods are also an excellent source of fiber. They contain magnesium; a deficiency of this nutrient can cause anxiety. Tryptophan in whole-grain foods converts into serotonin, which is a natural calming neurotransmitter. List of whole-grain foods includes bulgur, popcorn, oatmeal, millet, barley, buckwheat, brown rice, pasta, whole-wheat bread or crackers. Some more options for healthy grains include 100% whole wheat pasta, oats, couscous, corn, freekeh, quinoa and whole rye.


Fiber is also excellent for balancing blood sugar levels and preventing an increase in insulin levels. A crash in blood sugar levels can lead to shaking, anxiety, irritability, fatigue and trouble concentrating. On the other hand, if blood sugar gets too low, it results in the quick release of glucagon and epinephrine, along with the slow release of growth hormone and cortisol. Avoid both drastically low and high blood sugar levels by eating plenty of fiber-rich foods.


Omega-3 Fatty Acid Benefits


Omega-3 is one of the best foods to eat, not only for weight management but also to improve the appearance of your skin and hair. Fatty fish, in particular, is packed with heart-healthy nutrients that interact with mood-related brain molecules.


According to the American Heart Association, you should enjoy two servings of fatty fish per week. Some great options to consider include mackerel, herring, albacore tuna, lake trout, sardines and salmon. If you do not like fish, you can substitute it with omega-3 supplements. Some other sources of heart-healthy omega-3 include chia seeds, nut milk, milk, soy milk, walnuts, flaxseeds and seaweed.


Benefits of Dark Chocolate for Men


This is going to be a treat for all you chocolate lovers! Not only is dark chocolate useful as an aphrodisiac, but it is also an excellent way of reducing stress. The best part is, just a few bites of chocolate makes you instantly feel better, owing to phenylethylamine, the same chemical that is released within the brain when you fall in love. The natural high derived from this scrumptious treat can add positivity and serve as a stress buster.


Packed with antioxidants, dark chocolate helps lower stress hormones within the body. You can enjoy this delectable treat in a variety of ways, such as chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate smoothies and even as chocolate quinoa breakfast bowls.


The key to enjoying sweets is to eat in moderation. Therefore, one must only eat approximately 1 Oz. or one-fourth of a small dark chocolate bar. Be sure to munch on pure dark chocolate bars and not the unhealthy ones laden with sugar, chemicals or additives. Ensure you get bars with only two or three ingredients, preferably cocoa butter, cane sugar and cacao beans.


Bonus Tip: Exercise to Reduce Stress 


To gain the maximum benefits of a healthy diet team it with ample exercise. Exercise and stress relief go hand in hand. Physical activity is known to promote the body’s natural ability to improve blood flow and utilize oxygen better. Working out escalates your brain’s production of endorphins. These “feel good” neurotransmitters promote positivity and euphoria, which helps diminish negativity due to stress.


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