Tips How to Fix Communication in a Loving Relationship

So, you have met the love of your life and things are slowly inching out of the honeymoon phase. Disagreements are starting to emerge. You find yourself beginning to question your compatibility and whether or not if you can even with each other. Or perhaps you are going through a rough patch and are struggling to grasp onto any thread of hope you can find for a relationship that feels like a house of cards ready to fall apart.


Many couples bicker on the daily over avoidable problems that can easily be overlooked if their hearts are in the right place. The bad news is it is going to be a bumpy ride. But the good news is if you can make it through it will strengthen your bond immensely.


A lot of couples are guilty of indulging in communication mistakes that can push things over the limit and destroy the loving connecting they worked so hard to build. When you cannot communicate with your partner, you are opening the door wide open to misunderstandings and paving the way for distance. This is also the root cause of why many relationships end.


People often confuse communication for making small talk and having everyday conversations. Effective communication is about creating a unique connection using verbal phrases, written language and physical skills to fulfill your partner’s needs while communicating your own.


Anybody can make small talk, discussions about their favorite leisure activities and movies with you. But not everybody will be able to understand your point of view, offer support and be your biggest fan. Most people think they have to light matches in the dark and find this person along the way. This is far from the truth. It requires time, effort and patience to build an unbreakable, irreplaceable connection which allows you to communicate your feelings, wants, needs and dreams without things going sour. It takes a long time to master the art of not taking things personally and understanding your partner’s psyche. This all starts with effective communication.


When communication is bad in a relationship, simple arguments can turn into screaming matches, silent treatments and misunderstandings. This will most likely snowball into bigger arguments, thereby damaging the foundation of your loving relationship.


When you practice effective communication, you express yourself constructively and respectfully, which brings hearts closer and strengthens your bond. If your partner does not speak up about something that is bothering them, you will never find out. If you want to learn how to get better at communication in a relationship, then keep reading.


Why Is Communication Important in A Relationship? 

Everybody has different needs, but when you break it down to the basics, we all desire the same things in life. The following are six needs that are shared by humans all across the globe, surpassing age, race or language. Each individual prioritizes these needs in a different order and that is what you need to learn to crack the code to communicate better with them. Once you know this and use communication as a skill,  you can work towards building your loving bond. The six fundamental needs include:


Certainty in the Relationship to Last 

All humans desire to have an unbreakable bond so they can give it their all and invest their heart, body and soul into building a love worth cherishing a lifetime. The need for certainty is the same need that drives man to seek pleasure, avoid stress, pain, emotional risks and stress.


In a nutshell, strive to make your partner feel secure in the relationship. Often couples argue and unintentionally pass remarks about ending the relationship. This is a monumental mistake can make your partner feel insecure to the very core. This behavioural pattern is what will take your stable relationship into instability.


Instead, try opening up for better communication in your relationship. Make your partner feel safe and secure. Ask them how you can play a part in making sure they feel stable. Communicate what you need to feel certain in the relationship. The key to any great partnership is to communicate to understand rather reply. Once you both have found your communication style, you are all set to conquer life’s challenges.


Variety is the Spice of Life 

If you keep doing the same thing, the same way it will get monotonous real fast. The boredom of it will drain excitement and that can easily turn into resentment. Therefore, it is best to always put time, energy and effort into keeping things fun and fresh.


Start by introducing healthy challenges in your relationship. You can easily implement this concept by trying new activities together, such as hiking. Or perhaps learning new skills, such as a new language or an instrument. Healthy challenges communicate that you and your partner can tackle problems together, grow and work towards a common goal.


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Make Sure They Know Their Significance in Your Life 

Everybody wants to be a somebody to someone special. You must make your partner feel unique and significant in the relationship. Communication in a healthy relationship involves letting your partner know their place in your life.


Gratitude should be practiced daily. However, consistency in actions will speak volumes and really prove where your partner stands on your priority list. You can show this by offering support, through a loving gesture and by being generous in spending quality time together.


How Important Is an Emotional Connection in A Relationship? 

Humans are social animals; therefore, feeling connected is engraved in the very foundation of our being. Knowing that you are genuinely loved through effective communication in relationships can make one feel valued and cherished.


Work hard at building a unique connection which matches on every level by having deep conversations about past events and future plans. If there is something, you are struggling with, let them in and see how they react. Everyone has their demons to battle, and they come with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack and someone you are willing to do the same for. Remember this is only possible if there are no communication barriers such as defensiveness and judgmental attitudes.


Making small loving gestures throughout the day also helps deepen your loving bond. After all, love is about giving and your focus should always remain on how you can give more.


Couples That Grow Together, Stay Together 

The human mind is bound to experience change. Therefore, you should look for a partner who loves growth. Absence of growth breeds boredom. Show your significant other you are willing to constantly thrive towards growing and encourage them to do the same.


You can start by bonding over growth by communicating better. Confront issues that are bothering you, be honest and transparent. It may stem arguments to the surface leading to quarrels. But the growth that results from it will have you both working together to fix communication in your loving relationship. The idea is to communicate about the good, the bad and the ugly, so you can power through it and come out stronger.


Every relationship has arguments; that’s because it is unrealistic to think we can get along with someone in absolute peace and harmony 24/7. However, how you deal with conflicts is what sets apart healthy relationships from toxic ones.


Be Sure to Contribute as a Team Player 

Contribution is essential to nurture your relationship. Whether it is by giving time, your undivided attention, a second chance, anything really. Both partners should come up with new and improved ways of contributing to each other’s happiness.


You can also contribute by helping around the house. For instance, if your spouse is working, you can prepare a meal, drive the kids to school, or pick up the laundry. Small contributions may seem insignificant at first, but they add up and hold a significance in your partner’s heart. You can also contribute by compromising and maintaining peace in the relationship.


As long as you are communicating effectively,  you are nurturing your relationship for success. Be sure to share this article with your partner to help them grow with you.

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