4 Simple Steps to Sleep Better

Some individuals can fall asleep while watching TV, reading at the library and even on the subway. Others are lucky enough to be able to sleep as soon as their head hits the pillow, while some of us struggle the entire night tossing and turning, finding it impossible to get some shut-eye. Not getting proper sleep is quite alright when it happens occasionally. However, it can take a massive toll on male health if it becomes a constant struggle, as it can lead to a loss of libido and testosterone.


During sleep at night, the male body produces testosterone, a vital hormone needed for intercourse. Due to sleep deprivation, testosterone levels decline over time, which results in infertility and low libido. Moreover, sleep-deprived men feel more stressed and fatigued than they usually would, which can also lead to sexual problems.


Lack of sleep can also affect your physical and mental health. Over time it can lead to emotional imbalance, low productivity and lack of energy. Did you know that not getting proper sleep can also impact your weight? This is because it leads to a surge of ghrelin, hunger hormone and leptin, a hormone that lowers feelings of fullness. This combination of hormones can cause overeating and, therefore, weight gain. Excess weight can develop a potbelly that can also trigger the formation of visceral fat, which can put pressure on the male organ and cause infertility.


How to Improve Sleep Quality Naturally?


Indulging in unhealthy eating habits and dealing with high-stress levels can make you lose sleep, which can have an impact on your immune system, mood, and brain and heart health. The good news is, the difference between restful and restless slumber is just a few easy peasy tips that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. Try our four simple tips on how to sleep through the night and enjoy the many rewards of a good night’s sleep.


How to Fix Your Sleep Schedule?


Just like a daily routine, it is essential to follow a regular sleep schedule. This allows your brain to get accustomed to sleeping and waking up at particular timings, which helps set your body’s natural internal clock. Reset your sleep cycle and with time, you will naturally start feeling drowsy around those specific timings. This will allow you to fall asleep much faster and wake up feeling refreshed. Tossing and turning for endless hours in bed will soon become history.


Most people like to sleep in during the weekend to catch up on sleep. However, the truth is, irregular sleep schedule affects your sleep pattern. It disturbs your natural sleep cycle, making it difficult to sleep on time during weekdays. Therefore, it is better to take a 15 to 20 minutes’ nap during the day rather than sleeping till noon. You can do this by setting the alarm, so you do not doze off for too long.


Sometimes people tend to feel sleepy after having a hearty dinner, but it is still way too early for their bedtime, so they doze off on the couch while watching a movie. If you can relate, try to shrug off this feeling. The moment you catch yourself escaping into slumber, knock it off by getting up from the couch and walking around the house. Turn off the TV and talk to your spouse or call a friend. You can also engage in some stimulating activities such as doing the dishes, taking a 30-minute walk before bed, or ironing clothes for the next day. Sleeping at odd times will disturb your sleep cycle and will result in trouble sleeping throughout the night.


Disadvantages of Sleeping with Lights On


The presence of too much light in your bedroom can be a reason for you not getting proper sleep. Naturally, a hormone called melatonin is secreted depending on light exposure to facilitate your sleep cycle. When it is pitch black, your brain produces ample melatonin to put you to sleep. Similarly, in brightly lit spaces, your brain secrets less melatonin, which helps keep you alert and awake.


Unfortunately, this natural process can be disrupted by your devices, which is why we recommend you keep track of your screen time. You can reap the benefits of reducing screen time, by switching off the TV and putting aside your mobile phone, laptop and tablet at least 2 hours before bedtime. This allows you to clear your mind, ease your thoughts and promote sleep. The blue light emitted by your devices can disturb your sleep. You can also try turning the brightness down or using a blue light filter.


Moreover, late-night binge-watching programs can be stimulating for the brain and keep you awake for longer rather than relaxing you. Instead, read a book, listen to a podcast or music. Use heavy curtains or shades in the room to block out light or wear an eye mask to ensure that even when the sun comes up, you can continue sleeping peacefully.


Mindful Eating Benefits


What you eat can have a significant impact on your body. If you enjoy drinking caffeinated drinks throughout the day, you might want to consider limiting it to a cup or two only. One of the negative effects of caffeine is that it stays within the body for up to twelve hours, even after drinking it. Apart from this, avoid indulging in heavy meals for dinner. As eating heavy meals loaded with spices can also trigger acidity and heartburn, causing discomfort during sleep.


Moreover, drinking and smoking before bedtime can also hamper your sleep cycle and interfere with your quality of sleep. If you must, limit these bad habits before bedtime. Similarly, drinking too much water during the evening results in waking up in the middle of the night for trips to the bathroom.


Furthermore, take it easy on refined carbs, such as pasta, white rice and bread and cut down on sugar as they can tamper with sleep quality as well as lead to bloating, which can make you gain weight. Instead, eat foods for good sleep, such as bananas and yogurt, or drink a glass of milk.


Does Exercising Make You Sleep More?


If you live a sedentary lifestyle, then that might be one of the reasons you find it difficult to fall asleep. Try working out regularly. Individuals who exercise feel less sleepy during the day and are able to sleep with ease at night. Working out also helps boost mood, good health and promotes positivity. The more strength you utilize during your workout, the better you will be able to sleep. Nonetheless, even walking for a few minutes can promote sleep. However, it takes months of consistent workout before you can reap the full benefits. Therefore, the key is to be patient.


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