The Shocking Effects of Smoking and Vaping on Men

Not only is smoking bad for the environment, it is also injurious to your health. As bad as smoking maybe, some men just don’t want to quit. Whether you are addicted to nicotine content or simply like having a vice which lets you enjoy with your friends, tobacco use can be injurious to health. Especially cigarette smoking. Effects of smoking on males include cardiovascular disease, lung cancer, throat cancer and even premature death.

Statistics of Smokers in USA.

It was estimated in 2017, that 34.3 million American adults were cigarette smokers. Out of which 75% smoked daily. The age group that smoked the most were 45- 64 year olds who smoked 16.5%, followed closely by 25-44 year olds at 16.1% and the least were individuals above 65 year olds at 8.2%. When these figures were broken down further, it was unveiled that 19.1% individuals who separated, divorced or widowed reported smoking, followed by 14.4% of singles who had never been married before and lastly 12.4% married individuals or those living with a partner.

How Many People Die from Smoking Each Year?

Over 480,000 Americans die every year due to cigarette smoking. Unfortunately, since most individuals smoke around family and friends, approximately 41,000 deaths are reported due to secondhand smoke exposure. Thereby, single handedly making cigarettes the biggest preventable cause of death in the United States.

Are you aware cigarette smoke contains a combination of 7,000 chemicals, one of which is nicotine. Though this highly addictive chemical is responsible for numerous ailments, it is also the reason why people continue to smoke.

Are Smoking and Vaping the Same?

Most smokers are tempted to quit and, in the process, consider turning to smoking e-cigarettes, popularly known as vaping, to ease the transition. Here’s everything you need to know about vaping to evaluate your odds if smoking to vaping is in fact the way to go.

Effects of vaping include being exposed to fewer toxic chemicals than regular cigarettes. This is because e-cigarettes heat nicotine that is extracted from tobacco, flavorings and chemicals, which create a water vapor that is then inhaled. Sounds good? Think again.

Long-Term Effects of Vaping

There has been an escalated number of deaths and lung injuries due to vaping. Since vaping is relatively new to the market, more research is required to fully understand its chemical composition. However, vaping has been strongly linked with the development of asthma and chronic lung disease. Individuals who prefer both smoking and vaping are at a greater risk of developing cardiovascular disease, due to the numerous chemicals which are hazardous to health.

Surprisingly you get a higher nicotine content while vaping, than you would from a traditional cigarette. One can also buy extra-strength cartridges with a higher nicotine concentration and just by increasing the e-cigarette’s voltage you can inhale a higher dose as well.

The shocking truth is that vaping products are not Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved. As of 2018, FDA released a warning against e-cigarettes manufactured by Chinese companies. This product was said to contain unapproved erectile dysfunction drugs. Thereby establishing a link between vaping and erectile dysfunction (ED).

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Effects of Smoking for Males

Effects of Smoking for Males

To learn how smoking can take a toll on male health, stay put.

Does Smoking Affect Sperm DNA?

Not only is smoking injurious to health but can also damper your hopes of starting a family with your loving partner. Men and women who smoke cigarettes have a greater risk of infertility than their nonsmoking counterparts. This is accredited to the fact that smoking can change the DNA present in the egg and sperm, thereby leading to complications with fertility. Furthermore, females can experience a loss of eggs and experience menopause earlier than normal due to the carbon monoxide, cyanide and nicotine content in cigarettes.

Does Nicotine Cause ED?

Smoking effects on blood circulation can cause numerous health problems such as stroke, heart attack, heart disease and even male organ dysfunctionality. Men can only perform intercourse when blood vessels within the vital organ get oxygen-rich blood. Since smoking hampers blood vessels, it restricts the organ from performing correctly every time. Furthermore, smoking can even lead to a lower drive among men. You are probably thinking impotence due to smoking happens among older men only, however that is farther from the truth. It can also be experienced by men as young as 20 years.

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Does Smoking Affect Fertility in Males?

In an article published in the Asian Journal of Andrology, investigated the effects of smoking tobacco on male reproduction. Tobacco smoking can cause a reduction of sperm viability, motility and density. It also reduces semen volume and normal morphology in smokers. Moreover, smokers also suffer from sperm maturation, reproductive hormone system disorders, impaired spermatozoa and dysfunction of spermatogenesis. Despite these effects, most male smokers are fertile, but are disposed to suffering from subfertility. However, further studies are required to determine the full extent of effects.

Can the Effects of Smoking on Male Health Be Reversed?

Continue reading to discover if the effects of smoking can in fact be reversed or not.

How Long After Quitting Smoking Will Sperm Improve?

Though there is no given timeline which is required before regaining fertility. However, it is essential to allow at least three months to experience improvements as this is the time needed to reach maturity for sperm cells.

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Quit Smoking and Reverse Erectile Dysfunction

The good news is that once you quit smoking, its effects on the male organ subsides as well. In a study published in BJU International, a strong correlation was found between ED and cigarette smokers. Cigarette cessation can potentially enhance your chances of improvement in male functionality. Other factors that impact recovery include severity of symptoms and age.

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