9 Things That Are Slowly Killing Your Libido

Couples across the globe suffer from low libido. It is normal to have highs and lows in desire for your partner. However, if the level of desire continues to plummet, then it can be a cause of concern. Low libido reasons can range from mental, physical, and emotional.  

The most prominent cause for loss of drive is low testosterone. Testosterone is the primary male hormone, one of its main features is to maintain both male and female drive. To combat low hormone levels, you can incorporate natural testosterone boosters into your diet as well as best testosterone supplements to sustain your drive. 

What Causes Libido to Decrease? 

If you would like to learn more about low libido causes, then stay put. 

What Are the Effects of Libido When Stressed? 

Stress management is a skill individuals learn over time. There are quite a lot of things you can juggle and even excel during high-stress levels. However, feeling passionate usually isn’t one of them. Whether it is stress at home, work or within your relationship, it creates ripple effects and in turn, affects your mood and behavior.   

>>Tip: Learn to master the art of stress management. You can try yoga stress relief poses, meditation or take brisk walks. These simple body movements help clear the mind as well as get the blood circulation going.  

Lack of Communication 

Though you may have harmony in your relationship and your compatibility may be phenomenal, there are certain times when you might butt heads. Minor problems can turn into significant arguments that are among the top drive killers for both partners. 

It is essential to note, with women, especially this plays a monumental role. Feeling close is a significant part of desire. Both the genders get affected by fallouts, feeling betrayed, poor communication and trust issues. 

>>Tip: In times of crisis, it is best to keep transparency and open communication with your partner. Show up as a team player, erase your partner’s doubts and worries. When push comes to shove, let them know they can rely on you. 


Though having a drink or two helps calm your nerves and loose inhibitions just enough so you can enjoy intimacy with your loving partner. However, having too many drinks can numb your drive.  

Alcohol is a depressant that can dampen the mood and make it difficult to perform. Moreover, your partner might consider it a turn-off. Alcohol abuse can, over time, also lead to a big gut and even cause male organ dysfunctionality. 

>>Tip: If you cannot quit, try to restrict yourself to drinking occasionally. Limit your intake to a couple of drinks only to ensure you remain sober and do not overdose. 

Sleep Deprivation Effects 

It is no surprise lack of sleep can be the catalyst for many problems. If you’re not getting enough sleep, it can also make minor things such as trivial arguments, stress and health problems feel astronomical. Fatigue saps the urge to get intimate with your partner. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get proper eight hours of sleep every night. 

>>Tip: Set a time to sleep and a time to wake up. Routine is the best way to ensure you get proper rest. Most importantly, try going to bed at the same time as your partner. If you have trouble falling asleep, try essential oils, drinking warm beverages before sleeping and even taking a relaxing hot bath to calm your nerves. 


Being overweight often makes an individual’s desire to dim down. Obesity causes low self-esteem, restriction in movement and being overly conscious. Rather than dwelling over things you cannot change, you should focus on what is in your control. 

If you are suffering from both obesity and low testosterone levels, we recommend you try men’s health supplement, Virility Formula. Made with wholesome ingredients, it helps build muscle mass and maintains healthy body weight. This prostate health supplement is non-hormonal, non-steroidal, gluten free and vegan friendly. 

>>Tip: Begin with obesity prevention by adopting a healthy lifestyle, diet and workout regime. The combination of these things will give you life-altering results that will enhance the quality of your life and improve intimacy with your partner. 


Having kids and growing your family is essential for most couples. However, raising children is a full-time job that consumes most of your time, which can leave you feeling disconnected from your partner.  

>>Tip: A great way to overcome this is to set aside 15 to 30 minutes daily before going to bed dedicated to your partner only. Catch up on the events of the day and get to know their feelings. Alternatively, you can hire a baby sitter and keep date nights once or twice a month. This allows you both to dress up for each other and gives you plenty of quality time to reconnect. 


Did you know some drugs can lower drive and desire? These medications include the following: 

  • Antidepressants 
  • Anti-HIV drugs 
  • Birth control pills 
  • Blood pressure medications 
  • Chemotherapy 
  • Finasteride 

>>Tip: If you fear drugs might be stalling your desire, then consult your doctor about lowering the dosage, but do not discontinue usage on your own. 

Low Testosterone 

As men age, their testosterone levels drop gradually. Though not everyone will go through it, some do. Other factors such as weight gain and lack of blood circulation can also affect a man’s hormone levels as well, which can have a direct impact on drive, desire and testosterone. 

>>Tip: If you are wondering how to boost testosterone, then we recommend you try natural testosterone booster, Virility Formula. This male enhancement supplement boosts libido, improves male hormone levels and increases pleasure. 

This prostate health supplement also enhances fertility, sperm count and organ functionality. Buy natural testosterone boosters online from Amazon.com. 

Low Self-Esteem 

If you suffer from poor body image, chances are you wouldn’t want to look at your flaws, let alone have your partner look at them. This could result in the avoidance of intimacy. Instead, shift your focus from what isn’t right to working hard on accepting yourself. If your partner is suffering from low esteem, be sure to make them feel special and assure them they are appreciated. 

>>Tip: Workout, change your wardrobe and aim at looking the best version of yourself. The more you invest in yourself, the more it will pay off. After all, good self-esteem also radiates positivity and confidence, which are absolutely irresistible.

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