4 Surprising Ways Couples Yoga Can Improve Your Relationship Backed by Science

Whether you have built yourself the most beautiful relationship, found an unbelievable connection with the love of your life, straight out of Instagram or are stuck in a rut of arguments and nagging with a partner you once fell head over heels for, unknowingly sabotaging the connection you once worked so hard to build. There are certain steps you can take to cultivate a healthy relationship and revive it back to its original state, perhaps maybe even better. Did you know yoga is one of those essential ways? Doesn’t getting fit, while reducing stress and improving your relationship with your loving partner seem too good to be true? We sure think so, but it is also achievable, through yoga! That’s right, couples yoga not only brings a whole new dimension and fun to working out, but it also strengthens your loving bond. After all, it is no secret that stress can damper libido for men and women both, thereby dwindling intimacy. Working out is one of the best ways one can invest in staying healthy, looking fit and maintaining their drive. Natural testosterone boosters such as aphrodisiac foods and herbs are also ideal for improving drive and intimacy. Herbion Virility Formula, a potent male enhancement supplement sends libido into overdrive, boosts testosterone naturally, enhances sperm count, therefore increasing your chances of fatherhood. Our prostate health supplement also improves mood, aids weight loss, vitality and strength. Try for yourself at Amazon. 

If you already practice yoga, then you are no stranger to the benefits of Individual yoga. It allows one to breathe, stretch and enjoy alone time on the yoga mat. However, there’s a different kind of energy involved when you enjoy it with your partner. Jointly practicing yoga allows two people to build better communication since it requires both partners to assist each other for poses continuously. Additionally, it helps improve trust and can generally have a positive impact on your relationship, which goes beyond physical realms. Essentially it can fulfill the same purpose as taking a mini-vacation or going to a retreat with your better half. Couples yoga requires both individuals to pay close attention to each other, being present in the moment and working towards a common goal. To learn about the plethora of benefits of practicing couples yoga, including emotional, mental and physical, scroll below. 


Better Relationship 

Couples who do things together, stay together! To break the monotony of everyday routine, add a bit of spice to your life, by trying new things every now and then with your partner. Trying new activities allows you to feel vulnerable, can serve as a bonding experience on its own and can even be a way to discover individual and collective weaknesses and strengths. Most of all, it can be a fantastic opportunity to laugh and enjoy life. In a 2000 study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, the correlations of exciting activities and relationship satisfaction was investigated in three different experiments, all of which concluded the same effects, that is couples who enjoy challenging new activities together experience an increase in romantic attraction as well as relationship quality. After all, this experience helps them slow down, spend quality time together and share an experience. 

It is important to know since yoga forces you to be present in the moment it breeds mindfulness. Mindfulness is a heightened awareness of the present moment. In a 2016 study published in the Journal of Human Sciences and Extension, a positive association between higher relationship satisfaction and heightened mindfulness was discovered. Living fully in the moment while posing and breathing with your partner can reignite your unbeatable connection, which in turn will lead to better satisfaction in your relationship. 

Improved Intimacy 

Due to the close physical proximity of performing various poses, partner yoga can escalate arousal and send the libido naturally into overdrive. In a 2016 study sourced by Loyola University Health System, it was stated that couples yoga could help those struggling with sexual dysfunctionality. Partner yoga requires each partner to remain in sync with their postures, movements and breathing. This synchronization leads to building a deeper, more meaningful connection, communication and trust level. A 2008 study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine shows practicing yoga can boost libido, no wonder couple therapists all over the world are incorporating partner yoga into their counseling sessions. 


From I to We 

Since constructing all those poses requires a ton of concentration, non-verbal and verbal communication, one must rely on their partner throughout the activity. This can only take place if both partners trust and support each other. However, the key is the willingness to be completely vulnerable. No longer functioning as I, but rather as we. Continuously physically touching each other expresses deep emotions and makes both individuals feel appreciated, accepted, cared for, loved, safe, worthy and valued. Furthermore, the rhythmic breathing involved while posing allows both parties to synchronize and get attuned to each other’s breath. In a 2010 study published in The British Psychological Society, it was evealed that mimickees and mimickers become affectively attune with each other owing to bidirectional influences of mimicry. Partner yoga requires you to mimic your partner’s moves, which helps stay balanced and deliver strong poses that can improve communication. The incredible push and pull movement paired with flexible postures creates friction, increases sexual tension and attunes you to your loving partner’s breathing. 

Lower Stress and Anxiety 

No matter which yoga pose you practice it helps lower anxiety and stress, however couples yoga takes it a step further since the physical touch of your loved one is involved. A 2006 study published in Psychological Science discovered that holding hands among married couples leads to immediate relief from stress. Keeping this in mind, touching can also reduce anxiety and reduce your body’s response to stress. Furthermore, certain poses can create new energy and provide relief from emotional stress and physical pain. 


We hope you try partner yoga at least once with your partner and if you enjoy it perhaps you can continue doing it every weekend. Turn it into a weekly bonding activity to improve your fitness and loving bond. If you still find yourself struggling with low interest in coitus or male organ dysfunctional then try our natural testosterone booster, Virility Formula. Our men’s health supplement contains a potent blend of natural ingredients which are vegan-friendly and gluten-free. Additionally, this supplement is also non-hormonal and non-steroidal, which makes it safe and effective to use. Due to the herbal formulation, it is recommended one consumes one to two capsules for two to three weeks to experience long-term cumulative effects. A course of twelve weeks is recommended to reap full benefits of this supplement.  

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