6 Health Benefits of Being in a Loving Relationship Backed by Science

Did you know love and health are interlinked in incredibly surprising ways? The human brain craves connection and cultivating good relationships can be exceptionally rewarding. Intimacy with a loving partner is not only pleasurable, but it is also beneficial for you. A healthy, loving relationship can be more beneficial to your health than you might think. Long-term relationships have perks apart from a sense of belonging, respect and love. Not to mention the intimacy is much more pleasurable. The benefits of regular intercourse range from reducing stress levels, symptoms of heart attacks, boosting your feelings of love and strengthening your bond with your partner. However, if you are struggling to maintain your drive then try our natural testosterone booster, Virility Formula. This non-hormonal and non-steroidal supplement acts as a powerful male enhancement supplement. Scroll below to discover six ways your loving relationship can benefit your health: 

Abundant Happiness 

It is no surprise that couples have a more positive approach to life after feeling loved, especially after indulging in coitus. This can be explained biologically as well since after performing intercourse, neurotransmitters are released in the brain, this, in turn, can be a mood enhancer. Neurotransmitters are the body’s chemical messengers which are the molecules used by the nervous system to send messages from neurons to muscles or between neurons themselves. Furthermore, all the cuddling and intimacy can give you an afterglow and help strengthen your bond with your partner. In a 2017 study reported in the Journal of Psychological Scienceit was discovered that couples felt sexual satisfaction roughly 48 hours after coitus which not only gave them a strong afterglow that enhances pair bonding, but it also improved the overall marital satisfaction over time. 

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Improved Immunity 

Frequent coitus leads to lesser sick days since it builds the body’s ability to produce protective antibodies that ward off bacteria, viruses and various germs that lead to common illnesses. Though this is not the only factor to determine good health, you can benefit from it alongside eating healthy, getting adequate sleep and proper vaccination treatments. In a study released in 2004 in Psychological Reportsauthors Carl Charnetski and his colleague Frank Brennan discovered that couples who had sex once or twice a week experienced 30% escalation in Immunoglobulin A (IgA). IgA is an antibody which is essential in the immune function of mucous membranes. These Y-shaped proteins generated by the immune system ward off intruders from harming the body. These intruders can range from antigens, bacteria, chemicals and viruses. 

Reduces Blood Pressure 

In 2008 it was reported in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine that both marital quality and status were essential to the wellbeing of individuals. It was noted that married individuals had lower blood pressure and higher satisfaction with life. Additionally, good marital quality was also linked directly with lower stress levels and depression. It is vital to note, it is not the very fact that an individual might be married, but rather happily married that makes all the difference. Which is to say strong bonds, better relationship quality and strong social networks can also play a vital role in improving blood pressure, though not as much as happily married couples.

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Improved Heart Health 

It is no surprise that physical activities are good for the health and coitus is no exception, since being aroused escalates heart rate. In a 2010 study published in the American Journal of Cardiology a group of 1,165 men in their 50s comprised of the study group. It was discovered that men who enjoyed intercourse at least twice per week had a 45% reduced risk of heart disease, as compared to those who had coitus less frequently. It is a common myth that heart disease affects intimacy. On the contrary, chest pain and heart disease rarely trigger during intimacy. It is absolutely safe to have coitus with your loving partner as long as your heart disease has stabilized.  

Lowered Anxiety 

With the advent of social media, it seems anxiety is one of the leading disorders among young adults and adults alike. A stable, loving relationship is ideal for putting a damper on anxiety. In a study published in 2010 in the Journal of Abnorm Psychology the authors examined the impact of anxiety on relationship quality and daily mood of 33 different couples. In this sample, the wife was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder. Analyses revealed a significant link between both partners’ perception of the quality of the relationship and their wives’ anxiety. Additionally, husbands’ distress and wives’ daily anxiety were also linked. 

Better Quality of Sleep 

The National Sleep Foundation highlights that orgasms release hormone prolactin, which can make you feel relaxed and sleepy. No wonder couples sleep better after indulging in intercourse. According to a study published in 2015 in The Journal of Sexual Medicinefemales perform better after getting proper sleep. Their sexual response increases and so do couples’ chances of regular coitus when they get enough shut-eye. It was concluded that when women slept for longer hours, they reported greater need to indulge in coitus the next day.  

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