Benefits of tribulus supplementation for virility

Tribulus terrestris is a plant which is not very popular, yet it is used and consumed almost everywhere in the world for different health concerns particularly for men health. Also called puncture vine, Tribulus Terrestris is a natural product extracted from a plant that is found in tropical areas of Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. The major advantage of this plant is it helps to increase men health and virility in terms of boosting the production of testosterone. For this purpose, the herb has been used since centuries.

There are many alternative medicines in which this herb is used such as Ayurvedic, European and Chinese drugs. Tribulus Terrestris is often consumed in remedies for reproductive and urinary problems in women as well in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. It also provides relief from stress and depression.

The herb is used for a long time in Soviet Union where the men used this natural product as tonic to increase their virility. This is the reason that the herb is treasured as supplements for athletes and gymnasts. Not only in herbal medicines but the conventional medicinal studies has approved its benefits and effectiveness for men’s health.

How to take them?

There are specific guidelines to use the medicines and the right amount to consume at a time. In order to avoid any kind of side effects one need to be careful about the dosage. The specifications are as follows:

  • Do not take the supplement continuously for more than three months.
  • In a day one can take about three serving that serves a total of 1250 mg or less in a day. It is the maximum range and one should not consume more than that in a day.
  • It is better to take a gap after two weeks and should not complete the course without the interval.
  • Recommence the usual amount for about three months and continue the cycle.

How Tribulus terrestris Works

  • As a traditional medicine it is used for urinary tract function, male fertility and libido. However, in Ayurvedic medicine the natural product is used as a complete body benefiting herb which means it is necessary for an overall body functioning. Following the same route, modern researchers and western medicines are also taking interest in this herb and are advocating and validating its holistic effects on men health.
  • According to the researchers Tribulus terrestris has some steroidal compounds in them called furostanol saponins that increase the production of testosterone. It happened when these compounds hold back luteinizing hormone that helps the body to make more testosterone. The production of testosterone is stimulated by testes, which are the leydig cells of the body.
  • There was a study conducted recently on Tribulus terrestris supplements which validated the increase of testosterone in a man’s body that has lower number of testosterone earlier. In another research the sperm count was increased rapidly by the use of the supplement.
  • According to many traditional and modern researchers there are adaptogenic qualities in this natural product. According to these researchers, they do revitalize the level of testosterone in the body but does not stimulate the production above then a certain psychological level. They still believe that it has a powerful impact on men health and body.

What are the benefits?

Increases Body Mass
As discussed earlier, the supplement increases level of testosterone in the body. This also helps in boosting muscle mass. As per physicians, if there would be a higher level of testosterone in the body, the muscles would get sufficient time for recovery. Moreover, it would help the muscles to produce more protein or stimulates the process of producing protein from their amino acids, on the basis of the genetic information of the DNA. Also, Tribulus terrestris improves nitrogen balance within the body. All these things help to increase the muscle mass.

Maintain Sexual Health
As a person starts ageing the sexual health deteriorate which eventually leads to impotence. Regular use of Tribulus Terrestris improves sexual health in later years of life. The supplement is good for the sexual health and virility of both men and women. It regulates the hormone level in both groups.

Good for Women Health
Apart from providing many benefits to men health the supplement is also useful for women who have the problem of hormone imbalance. Many studies showed that Tribulus Terrestris supports libido in both genders. If used regularly, the supplement the hormone level in a woman’s body can become normal again. Moreover, it also decreases the menopause symptoms that surfaced as a woman starts ageing.

Improves the Circulatory System
The drug also helps in improving the circulatory system of the body. Generally, people have a not-so healthy circulatory system. That is because of the waste a body produces every day. It is also because of the harmful gases present in the atmosphere that we inhale and the harmful substances present in our food that we consume. TT is a natural product that cleans up the body and expands the blood vessels helping a better flow of blood within the body. It also helps in better erections in men.

Mood Changer
For people who suffer from stress and depression should take help from this herbal product. Depression can occur because of many reasons. It could be because of the circumstances or because of some medical conditions. One of the reasons can be hormone imbalance in the body. TT not only regulates hormone level, but it also improves the mood. It helps in producing hormones that promote happiness. The regular use of the drug helps in boosting energy and helps those who suffer mood swings.

Thus, Tribulus Terrestris is a very beneficial natural product that not only boosts men’s virility but it also makes a positive impact on the overall women and men health. It improves fertility if used as per the directions of an expert and certified physicians or herbalists. If you follow the instructions you would never have any problems. In order to get maximum benefits a high quality source should be taken in the accurate amount.

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