14 Foods That Can Naturally Boost Your Testosterone


As a man ages, his testosterone levels will naturally decline. Testosterone is a significant hormone affecting both men and women in various ways (females actually do have a small amount of testosterone, produced in their ovaries). For boys, physical changes during puberty such as increased muscle growth, a deeper voice, and hair growth can all be traced back to testosterone levels increasing. For men post-puberty, testosterone still plays an important role in male sexual health. Testosterone affects muscle growth, sex drive, heart health, memory, penis size, and bone strength. In today’s world, there are a lot of options out there when it comes to male performance supplements and other ways to boost testosterone. Today’s post is dedicated to exploring food which can naturally boost testosterone levels by including them into your regular diet.


Grapes For Improved Sperm Motility


Red grape skins contain resveratrol which will improve your sperm’s motility. The motility of sperm simply refers to their ability to be mobile and active. Research out of China has shown that eating 5-10 grams in grape skins (don’t ask us how many grapes that is, but probably a fair amount) was a sufficient amount to raise testosterone levels and increase sperm motility.




Venison, or deer meat, is a great food to eat if you are looking to naturally improve muscle growth rates. It’s fascinating to us that research has found that a meat-free diet can reduce testosterone levels by up to 14 percent (!) Take that fact with a grain of salt, though, because a Utah University research team determined that a diet excessively rich in saturated fats found in beef and lamb can also reduce testosterone.




With this fact in mind, it comes as no surprise to us that Giacomo Casanova (a man famous for supposedly eating 50 oysters for breakfast every day) was said to have lain with close to half of Europe in his day. Oysters are rich in the mineral zinc, which can boost both testosterone and growth hormones. Both of these hormones can lead to muscle growth and improved sexual performance. In fact, one study showed that college football players who took a zinc supplement every night raised their testosterone and increased leg strength a full 250 percent greater than the placebo study. That is an astonishing figure. We are going to pick up some zinc supplements at the store ASAP!




Less popular than some other foods we’ve mentioned, pomegranates could serve as an effective erectile dysfunction supplement replacement. If you are struggling with performance issues, pomegranates have huge amounts of antioxidants which inhibit those nasty free radicals from restricting your circulation. More blood flow translates to more time spent under the covers. Plus, they’re delicious!





A study originating in Japan’s Kobe’s Women’s University has discovered that garlic can boost testosterone levels, specifically when in combination with a protein-rich diet for a full month. The science behind this claim is fascinating; the chemical diallyl disulfide is a stimulant which causes the body to produce and release a hormone which increases testosterone levels.




Broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage (all cruciferous vegetables in nature) can rid the body of extra estrogen, which will increase testosterone levels. Indole-3-carbinol, found in these cruciferous veggies, raises the excretion rate of estradiol, in some cases up to 50 percent.




Vitamin D can be found in eggs, and that is significant because this vitamin is a key contributor in finding a man’s ideal testosterone level. Research has shown that men who were found to be vitamin D deficient ended up having higher levels of estrogen and reduced amounts of testosterone, on average. A different study found that male subjects who had been administered vitamin D supplements to men who had both a vitamin D deficiency and lower testosterone levels saw their T-levels increase by 20 percent when contrasted with the results of a control group.


Sweet Potatoes


Consider adding sweet potatoes to your regular diet outside of fall and winter holidays. We suggest this because sweet potatoes are an incredible source of clean, complex carbs. Beyond that, sweet potatoes can help prevent erectile dysfunction, and may aid in weight loss and boost muscle growth. A great male libido booster, sweet potatoes help reduce blood pressure, which in turn can reduce one’s risk of erectile dysfunction.


Olive Oil


A quick hitter here; extra virgin olive oil has been shown to carry a potent capacity to boost testosterone levels. As evidence, subjects who took part in just a three-week study found that their testosterone levels increase by nearly 20 percent, on average.




The list just keeps on growing, which is good news for those of us who have been looking for natural, safe male enhancement. Coconut is next up for foods that can boost your testosterone levels. Coconuts can aid in your body’s efforts to make cholesterol, which is necessary for everyone’s health. Cholesterol also helps lower body fat and keep one’s weight stable. An extremely important and natural means of improving your overall testosterone level is to maintain a healthy weight.


Whey Protein


First, a word of warning about whey protein. Having an excess of whey protein in one’s diet can lead to severe health issues, including chronic diseases and even cancer. So be cognizant of your intake levels if whey protein is part of your regular diet. On the flip side, whey protein may help hinder the production process of cortisol in your body. This has the positive effect of increasing your testosterone production levels. A Finnish research team administered a test where participants were given 15 grams of whey isolate, before and after performing resistance exercises. The results showed a rise of testosterone production of up to 25 percent, lasting a full 48 hours after ingestion.




Cranberries are brimming with vitamin B, also known as thiamin. Vitamin B improves one’s ability to control stress. And when stressed out, one’s sexual drive typically takes a hit as a result. Thus, an important part of male sexual health is to properly maintain one’s stress levels.




Honey can improve blood flow, which is a great way to naturally fight ED. Honey contains the mineral known as boron, which is linked to high testosterone. Another key component of improving blood flow is one’s intake of nitric oxide. Experts say that just four teaspoons of honey can increase nitric oxide levels by a remarkable 50 percent!


Wheat Bran


Wheat bran has also been reported to increase testosterone levels. Magnesium can be found in wheat kernels, which has been correlated with an increase in testosterone levels. Research has shown that men who consume more wheat bran will have higher testosterone production levels. To get even more of a testosterone boost, exercise and consume wheat bran in tandem.


It might surprise you to learn that this list is far from exhaustive. There are many types of meat, vegetables, and other food sources that can aid in the production of testosterone to one degree or another. It can be difficult to keep track of which food translates to which type of fertility supplement. But at the end of the day, having a complete male enhancement supplement which pulls from a multitude of minerals and herbs could be the right option for your lifestyle. Consider our pioneering male libido booster Virility Formula. One of the top testosterone supplements on the market, Virility Formula incorporates the elements of many of the herbs listed above, along with the tribulus terrestris. If you are ready to get support for a normal sex life in a non-hormonal, non-steroidal way, it’s time to try Virility Formula.

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