The Potential Risks and Profits of Dietary Supplements

Though erectile dysfunction (ED) can occur at any age it is more common among older men. It is observed that more than 30 million men in the U.S.A. deal with some level of ED or difficulty sustaining erection during intimacy. The odds of it increase especially after 65. By the age 75, nearly half of the male population faces ED, on the flip side, this also means half of them can still keep an erection. Staying fit, eating healthy, working out and not letting stress get to you will all increase your chances for staying sexually active throughout your life.

Male Dysfunctionality can be dealt by taking dietary supplements. These drugs usually work by increasing nitric oxide in your blood which widens the blood vessels, improving the flow to the male organ, thereby leading to easier erection.

The market is awash with pills making over the moon claims to improve your sex life, it can be daunting to narrow your choice down to the ones that will reap the most benefits. Keep reading to make a more knowledgeable decision.


Benefits of Supplements:

  • Longer & Firmer

Though there a few methods of increasing the length and width of the male organ, supplements are by far the easiest, pain free and preferred way of achieving this. Certain synthetic pills available over the counter can cause severe side effects and give you more heartache than pleasure. Especially if they do not work well with medications you might be currently taking.

Organic dietary supplements are your best bet, since they include plant-based ingredients and reap numerous benefits with close to minimum side effects. We recommend Herbion Virility Formula. It contains a blend of Tribulus Terrestris, Elephant Vine, Velvet-Bean, Hygrophila, Sarivan, Shatavari, Heart-leaf Sida, Asparagus, Salep, Nutmeg and Talc. All the ingredients are efficacious and clearly stated on the pack. Virility Formula gives stronger erections, improves drive, libido, stamina, orgasm, intimacy, testosterone levels and boosts endorphins for frequent intercourse.

  • Easier to Conceive a Child

Couples trying to conceive can benefit from male enhancement pills, since they give better performance and boost sex drive. These supplements are primarily aimed at improving intimacy by increasing libido, heightening pleasure, treating erectile dysfunction and increasing penis length. Most pills contain ingredients for increasing sperm count, motility and shape. Therefore, men who take dietary pills have a higher probability of become a father than those who don’t.


Potential Risks of Supplements:

  • False Claims

The U.S. market is flooded with counterfeit pills which though may indicate numerous beneficial ingredients on the label, will almost have none of them in the actual formulation. Since it is difficult to regulate the supplement market, especially for enhancement pills sold online, such drugs end up giving no benefits to consumers. These labels will often make false claims of recommended doses most doctors won’t even approve. Beware of such supplements, they may be cheap, but you may end up paying a high price due to harmful ingredients.

  • Illegal Ingredients

Quite a lot of enhancement supplements claim to contain natural ingredients, which makes them easily accessible over the counter. However, some of these pills contain traces of ingredients found in impotence medications. Such products are considered illegal and should not be sold without a doctor’s prescription and recommended doses. In dire cases it can lead to heart attack and other serious health problems, especially if you have certain cardiovascular diseases or are taking heart medications. In worst case scenario it can lead to sudden drop of blood pressure and cause immediate death. Stay safe, consult your health practitioner before consuming male enhancement pills.

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