August 7, 2020

5 Effective Ways to Relieve Stress

Did you know more than 18.1% of adults suffer from anxiety disorders annually, making it one of the most common mental health issues in the United States? Whether you are anxious due to the spread of the current pandemic or stressed out about your job. No matter the reason stress can take a toll on Read More

July 24, 2020

5 Things to Avoid When You Are Stressed Out

It is inevitable to feel stressed out from time to time; those of us who do not know how to deal with it, often end up in a loss. Stress is like slow poison not only for your mind but also your body and your relationships. Whether it is due to work, your marriage, or Read More

July 3, 2020

6 Ways Strength Training Benefits Men Over 40

Most men would agree, they are in the prime of their life during their 20s and 30s. Their physique looks good, their strength is incredible and overall, they look and feel better. In the midst of juggling work, children and socializing, it is challenging to carve out time for the gym. If you were to Read More

June 12, 2020

Causes of Bloating and Ways to Get Rid of it

What is Bloating?  Did you know approximately 15-30% of the US. Population experiences bloating? Bloating is normal and is experienced by most men and women at some point in their life. Among men, bloating is most common in the abdomen region and is usually accompanied by a feeling of fullness in the stomach, tightness and cramps. It makes the belly appear Read More

May 15, 2020

5 Reasons Virility Pills Benefit a Loving Couple

Healthy sex life results in a happy long-term relationship. Male enhancement pills are proven to give sexual benefits and improve your private life. Try Virility Formula by Herbion Naturals, it’s prepared with a proprietary blend of natural herbs, namely Tribulus (fruit), Velvet Bean (seed), Sarivan (bark), Hygrophila (seed), Shatavari (root), Heart-leaf sida (seed), Asparagus (root), Read More

May 8, 2020

Benefits of tribulus supplementation for virility

Tribulus terrestris is a plant which is not very popular, yet it is used and consumed almost everywhere in the world for different health concerns particularly for men health. Also called puncture vine, Tribulus Terrestris is a natural product extracted from a plant that is found in tropical areas of Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. Read More

April 17, 2020

How to Get Maximum Results from Your Workout

Have you heard of the man who walked six miles, five times a week to go to the gym? No? We have not either! That’s because no one wants to go out of the way to workout. Also, too much distance can translate into making excuses for why you should avoid the gym. Therefore, it Read More

April 10, 2020

5 Ways to Stay Mentally and Physically Active During Self-Isolation

As the world tries to heal itself from COVID-19 and we are urged to practice self-isolation and social distancing, it does not all have to be gloomy and down in the dumps. Quite a lot of individuals are working from home, depending on their nature of jobs. However, not everyone is able to do so. Read More

March 27, 2020

5 Important Dietary Meal Changes for Men in Their 40s

If you have hit 40, firstly, congratulations, 40 is the new 30! Secondly, this is the right time to shift your mind-set to get in the best shape of your life. Your metabolism works differently, your body reacts differently and most of all, you cannot drink and party every night and expect it to not Read More

March 20, 2020

Easy Ways to Improve Blood Circulation

Why Is Blood Circulation Important? The heart pumps blood throughout the body via blood vessels. This process enables the transportation of nutrients and oxygen to every cell within the body. The benefits of improved blood circulation lie in the fact that it is an indicator of a healthy body. It supplies oxygen to the brain and all Read More