February 21, 2020

Beginner’s Ultimate Guide to Intermittent Fasting

What is Intermittent Fasting? Intermittent fasting is quickly gaining popularity not just among A-list celebrities, but also the average American citizen. Intermittent fasting and weight loss go hand in hand which is probably the number one reason for its popularity in recent years.   This type of fasting helps boost metabolism, overall health and wellbeing. Several different Read More

February 7, 2020

Delicious Aphrodisiac Male Fertility Smoothies

The term aphrodisiac originates from the name of the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Aphrodisiac foods and drinks help boost the natural instinct and revs up libido for improved performance and pleasure.   It is common to experience low libido in men from time to time. However, if you’re your interest in intimacy does not Read More

January 31, 2020

The Effects of Weight Gain on Male Performance

Did you know approximately 18 million men are affected by erectile dysfunctionality (ED) in America? Men above 70 years are at a higher probability of suffering from male organ dysfunctionality. However, this condition can affect men of all ages and ethnicities, making intimacy less enjoyable and more stressful.   Some causes of organ dysfunctionality are a lack Read More

January 24, 2020

Effective Ways to Reignite Spark in Your Loving Relationship

Whether you are high school sweethearts, married to the love of your life, or met your spouse on a dating app, we are sure at the beginning the two of you found it unbearable to keep your hands off of each other. However, as time goes by, the spark can fizzle down.   This is Read More

January 17, 2020

Keto Diet for Weight Management in Men

What Keto Diet Means? If you do not already know, a ketogenic diet, also known simply as keto diet is taking over the world by storm and has quickly become one of the most popular methods of losing weight. Unlike the American diet which relies heavily on carbs, keto diet is focused on fat as Read More

December 24, 2019

Easy Tips for Good Health After 40

If you haven’t heard already, 40 is the new 20. The big number brings lots of big changes in a man’s life and makes one wonder about their current life’s choices. However, this in no way means you have hit old age and are ready to wear a robe all day, sit in a rocking Read More

December 20, 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Prostate Health

Why is Prostate Health Important? The prostate is a walnut-sized gland present within the male body. It is located just in front of the rectum and in between the bladder and the male organ. The urethra runs through the bladder to the vital male organ, from the center of the prostate, enabling urine to secrete Read More

December 6, 2019

The Shocking Effects of Smoking and Vaping on Men

Not only is smoking bad for the environment, it is also injurious to your health. As bad as smoking maybe, some men just don’t want to quit. Whether you are addicted to nicotine content or simply like having a vice which lets you enjoy with your friends, tobacco use can be injurious to health. Especially Read More

November 29, 2019

Foods to Send Male Libido into Overdrive

It is no secret, certain foods are known to stimulate desire. These are commonly known as aphrodisiac foods. Aphrodisiacs inspire lust among couples by sending the male and female libido into overdrive. These foods are not meant to cure infertility or impotence. Many couples consider intimacy as the best recipe for long-term happiness. For most people, Read More

November 22, 2019

Benefits of Regular Exercise for Male Health

The benefits of regular physical activity and exercise are hard to ignore. Everyone can benefit from training, regardless of age, physical ability, or gender.   As the years pass by, we get more and more occupied with our busy lifestyles, demanding jobs, families and children. Everything seems to pile up and before you know it, Read More